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Hold me, thrill me, heart me, queue me.

—(via handsapt)

Hold me, thrill me, heart me, queue me.

by design

: The blood flushes my face, I can feel the emotion behind my eyes : the weight of anxiety and the heavy blue in the shadows of my mind : labeled depression : labeled a loser : woke up and walked to each designated recipient of scripted apologies : laughter at the cue : smiling at the cusp : dreaming but rushed : if this is life it is fragile and we hold on hold on and fade : by the time the sun sets I am left with a thousand electric thoughts, blood shot eyes, and anything else I can find to distract myself : if i make it another day : if i make it i am fine : and i am fine :

disintegration, slow disintegration

bookmark the internet, call me in the morning

i want to just be able to be myself but the trouble is i haven’t found myself yet